Salam (Arabic for “Peace”)

A year ago we had a small idea with a big dream, a dream of giving the chance to every individual, regardless of their background, ethnicity, or beliefs, to get the things they like whenever they want it.

Today, the big dream is still there, with a small shift of Plan. Halalivery will no longer deliver your delicious Halal food from your favourite locally sourced vendors as it will be ceasing its operations. This has been one of the most exciting experiences for us, and we appreciated every single moment of it. We always made sure that you, our customers, are the core of our motivation and hard work. We know that we might have got some of you a little upset sometimes, when the order was late, or you when you got the wrong item, and it is annoying! But we would like to let you know that we have tried our best to treat every single one of you as a unique individual, putting our maximum efforts to bring you the ultimate experience.

To our customers, vendors, riders, and everyone who supported us, we would like you to thank you for being part of our journey and growth, we would not have been the same without this experience or without you. So, thank you very much.

As a Team, we are not even close to giving up. We have always been passionate about combining our skills and technology to create innovative products that would bring a positive impact to people’s lives. Today, that commitment and dream still stand. So, stay posted on what comes next.

Yours truly,
The Halalivery Team
Rawan, Tawfiq and Amur